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Its Tuesday evening.

I cringed as another crashing sound came from upstairs.

The Slave Master has been at it for close to 20 minutes now.

He stormed into the house and went upstairs without so much of a glance in my direction—not that it bothered me or anything—his personal aides had followed him in, dropped his stuff off in his study and made their exit immediately. Then it started, different crashing and breaking sounds came from his room intermittently, each one causing me to jump in fear.

What could be wrong with the Slave Master?

The sound of household furniture that had just met its demise met my ears once again.

I sighed as I stood up from where I was perched on the couch.

Shaking my head as I thought to myself ‘I can’t take this anymore’ I marched up the stairs.

I paused at the landing that led to his room and I remembered how the Slave Master had categorically warned me not to set foot into his room. I hesitated as I realised just how foolish a step I was about to take. The Slave Master was usually very ill-tempered on his good days, and today was apparently a bad day for him. Was it really in my place to get him to stop this temper tantrum of his?

The sound of something breaking not too far away from me pulled me out of my reverie and made up my mind for me. I marched forward to the Slave Master’s room.

The door was open and right in front of it lay the carcass of a dead Samsung phone.

I took a deep breath before pushing the door open, the sound of my entry made the Slave Master pause from where he stood and he turned to look at me, lowering his arm which held a bedside lamp that he was probably about to fling out of the window.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in his dead and emotionless voice.

I blinked.

I had not been expecting that question.

What exactly was I doing here?

I thought I already decided that it wasn’t in my place to get him to stop his temper tantrum?

How had my brain forgotten to process this information to the rest of my body?

Oh crap!

“Are you deaf?” he bellowed, causing me to shrink back from where I stood in terror.

I cleared my throat “Um…”

I cleared my throat again, it seemed as though all my words were stuck there and my brain wasn’t even making an effort to want to function at all.

I don’t know for how long I stood there, standing like a fool, probably with my mouth hanging open because the Slave Master suddenly burst out laughing.

I just kept staring, and he kept laughing. As in, actual laughter and not the usual humourless and dead laughter I was used to from him. He doubled over and wiped his eye and looked up at me and burst into another fit of hysteria.

That was when I shut my mouth.
He was probably laughing at me and how foolish I looked. Scratch the probably part. He was laughing at me and how foolish I looked.

“What’s so funny?” I finally found my voice when he was done.

“Oh God! You should have seen the look on your face”

I sighed and looked around the room. Everything was a mess. The beside table lay in a broken heap, clothes were strewn all over the place, the full length dressing mirror lay in broken shards on the floor, and that was just the little I could see from where I stood at the door.

“Why don’t we go outside for a bit” I said looking up at the Slave Master who had been staring at me as I carried out my inspection on his room.

He obliged and followed me downstairs.

“I take it you’re in a bad mood” said I.

“How did you manage to figure that out?” he asked sarcastically.

“You know what you need?” I asked, ignoring his stupid comment.

“What?” he asked.

“Puff puff, puff puff always makes everything better. Where are your car keys? I know a place nearby that has the best puff puff” I replied.

“Are you kidding me?” he asked with his most serious straight face.

“Nope, I’m dead serious”

The Slave Master sighed then shrugged and ushered me outside.

Yay! We’re going to get puff puff!!!

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Brino” Bruno said to me through the phone later that night.

“Stop disturbing me I want to sleep” I told him, hoping my tone was nasty enough to put him off. He’d been calling me non-stop since I hung up on him earlier today when he told me that he’d not been able to get anything tangible off the Slave Master’s computer, causing me to have an asthma attack in vain.

“Brino I’m sorry” he said.

“Is that all? Can I go to bed now?” I snapped.

“No” he said.

“What else?” I asked impatiently.

“Did you see Walter today?”

“What do you mean ‘Did I see Walter?’ How would I be able to see Walter, I’m locked up in this place all day” I was already annoyed.

“I saw him at the Slave Master’s house” Bruno said.

“What?” all my previous emotions were replaced by curiosity.

“Yeah, he came in as I was leaving, at first I wasn’t sure it was him, but one of the men greeted him and called his name, confirming my suspicion”

“What was Walter doing here?” I asked nonplussed.

“I don’t know. That’s why I called to ask if you saw him”

“No, I didn’t” I said to him as my head started spinning in different directions.

Walter was part of the den of thieves I used to move with before I met Bruno. He was Idris’ right-hand man; just like he’d found me and took me in, Idris had done same for Walter years before he met me and they were totally inseparable. You know how people say no smoke without fire? Well, Walter was the smoke to Idris’ fire.

I sat on my bed and sighed into the phone.

What business did Walter have with the Slave Master?

Did Idris know of Walter’s business with the Slave Master?

My head was a tangle of jumbled thoughts as I thought back to the last time I’d seen Walter, it was at a party nearly 2 months ago, a party Bruno had advised me not to go to. When I first saw him, I turned in the other direction hoping he hadn’t seen me, later events of the night had proven otherwise as Walter and a bunch of my other old friends had come up to me, we started talking and one thing led to another, he eventually dared me to steal a car; the car that landed me in my current situation if I might add.

“Brino, Brino, are you still there?” Bruno asked.

“Yeah” I replied slowly as I surfaced from the sea of my thoughts “Yeah, I’m here. I was just thinking of the last time I saw Walter”

“What happened?”

“He dared me to steal a car” I replied simply.

“Oh” Bruno said “… wait… you don’t mean…”

I could practically see the wheels spinning in his head so I kept quiet.

“You don’t mean that car. The Slave Master’s car? Right?”

I sighed into the phone giving him his answer.

“Coincidence much?” I finally said with a humourless laugh.

“Could it be a coincidence? Really?” Bruno voiced out my very thoughts.

The person who had dared me to a steal car, ended up in the house of the very person who owned the car I stole, while I was on house arrest there. What were the odds of that?

“It has to be a co-incidence” I said into the phone with doubt injected heavy into my words “it just has to be. Walter dared me to break into any car I wanted, it was a full parking lot and he wouldn’t have known the car I’d pick.”

My head was spinning wildly; I could feel my brain overheating already. I analysed everything from that night up to the present moment. Nothing was making sense.
I heard Bruno sigh into the phone moments later, as I recalled events that had taken place today and I was tempted to tell Bruno of the deal I made with the Slave Master just this evening, the only thing that stopped me was the statement the Slave Master made after I shook his hand.

“One more thing” he’d said through his devilish smile.

I blinked ‘what?’

“No one, no one at all must find out about this. Understood?”

I nodded yes.

“Alright, good night” at that he shifted his chair and left me alone in the dinning room.

“Bruno I’m tired” I said into the phone at last.

“Yeah, me too” he sighed “good night”

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EXP #1

EXP #1.25

“Hey” I said to the Slave Master as he stepped into the house in the evening.

He appraised me with a raised eyebrow as I lay sprawled on a single seat couch, remote in hand, channel surfing.

“Hey yourself” he answered much to my surprise “Are you alright?”

“I should be asking you same. Are you alright? Did you hit your head or something?” I replied amidst my shock.

He gave a low huff, which was probably meant to be a laugh “I’m asking about your health” he deadpanned “I was informed of your asthma attack earlier today”

“What don’t you know?” I wondered aloud.

“What triggered it?” he asked ignoring my question.

I shrugged and changed the station.

“Should I bring your dinner?” I asked changing the topic.

The Slave Master looked at me funny for a little bit before nodding his head and going on inside.

“Why don’t you eat with me?” the Slave Master suggested as I served him dinner.

“I already ate” I replied, not bothering to look up as I kept on with pouring water into his cup.

“Sit by me then” he insisted.
I looked up at him now, he stared back with an unwavering gaze, then with a sigh I propped myself on the dinning chair next to his.

“Wow” he said “I was kind of looking forward to you putting up a fight”

“I know” I muttered staring at my hands as I placed them before me on the table “I try not to be too predictable every time”

“Hmmn, thank God you’re always predictable every time I need you to be”

“What?” I asked out of sheer confusion and received no reply. Typical.

I drummed my fingers along the table out of boredom “Just how lonely are you?”

“Very” he replied with a sincere burst of emotion which caused me to look up at him.

His face was a million emotions in one, I had not expected that.

“Are you alright?” I asked softly, this wasn’t the Slave Master I was used to.
No reply, as usual.

“Well, if you’re lonely, I suggest that you surround yourself with people and make new friends”

The Slave Master gave a dead laugh “I don’t like being around too many people and making new friends is not exactly my thing”

“Well, that’s the only cure to your loneliness” I stated matter-of-factly.

“I’m fine like this, besides I’m not lonely, I have you to keep me company” he looked up at me with that said.

“Yeah” I admitted “But what happens when I pay up and clock out?”

He shrugged “I have a suggestion”

I looked at him eagerly urging him to go on.

“Instead of paying me up, why don’t you… you know… do me a favour?”

My eyebrows shot up thinking of only one kind of favour that a man could ask of a woman, the Slave Master reading my thoughts gave a nervous laugh and said incredulously “I’m not talking of that kind of favour” causing my heart rate to go back to its normal pace.

“I’m not really popular with your aunt, so you probably know that I’m not welcome at Judisque-Allan, I’ll need you to help me deliver something to Nosa Osaretin’s secretary on Thursday”

“And once I deliver this thing, I’m a free being?” I asked, it all seemed too good to be true.

“Of course not” said the Slave Master as he burst my bubble “we’ll have to wait for maybe a week and if everything goes according to plan, you can walk”

“If not?” I asked.

The Slave Master shrugged like that was enough of an answer.

If not, I’d still have to pay up.

But what could he have me deliver that would clear a debt that ran into millions?

It didn’t make sense.

Barely anything did with the Slave Master though.

I looked up at him, to find his gaze fixed on me.

“Are you gonna do it?” he asked.
I closed my eyes and wondered some more what I could possibly be delivering that would clear my debt in a week.

I sighed, as I weighed my options before looking up at him.

“Fine” I said.

The Slave Master stretched out his hand to me for a handshake saying “Do I have your word?”

“Sure, whatever” I said as I shook his hand.

He then gave a smile, a full-blown smile that had me feeling like I’d just sold my soul to the devil.

Oh God, what have I just agreed to?


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EXP #1

EXP #1.10

“Vwaire what are you saying?” 

“My name is not Vwaire, I’m Brino” I said for what seemed like the millionth time that night. 

All throughout the ride to this place, I kept trying to tell the lady in the green dress that I wasn’t who she thought I was, she kept on calling me Vwaire. At some point she obviously got tired, saying something about me messing with her head and how she’s always told me she doesn’t like it, then she leaned her head against the car window and fell asleep.

What was going on exactly? Was the Slave Master trying to test me or what? Nothing made sense and I was thoroughly confused. 

We got to our destination, I was familiar enough with the environment to know that we were somewhere in Yaba, once in the gated compound that the car drove into, we stepped into the house.

“What time is it?” a lady in glasses who was currently seated on the single seat settee in what seemed like a mini parlour said as soon as we entered into the house, she was wearing regular pyjamas and had an elderly yet sophisticated look to herself. 

“Aunty, we’re so sorry, we lost track of time and there was heavy hold-up on the road” Green Dress said. 

“What time is it?” the woman repeated her question, standing up this time around.

Green Dress looked at her watch “10:02 ma”

“I wasn’t asking you, I was talking to Vwaire, Tinuade you are not my charge and you can flout my rules if you like, but Vwaire as long as you are under my roof what time did we agree you get home latest”

The lady moved closer and was looking straight at me, I didn’t know what she was talking about and held her stare. 

“Did you not hear me? Are you deaf all of a sudden? Answer my question!” 

I closed my eyes and pressed my fingers against my forehead, everything around me was so confusing, I didn’t even know how to explain my confusion at this point, I let out an exaggerated sigh. 

“I don’t understand what is going on here! I don’t know what is going on here! Who are you people?” I cried in sheer frustration “this lady here” I pointed at Green Dress “saw me at the party and forced me into her car and brought me here and I am so confused, I don’t understand any bit of anything you just said, I mean, I do understand your words, but I’ve never met any of you in my life and why are you all calling me Vwaire my name is Brino!”

“What are you saying? You think I’m joking? You think–”

The lady was interrupted by a heavy pounding on the gate outside and I shifted away from behind the door in time to avoid it hitting me when a flurry of silver clothing came in, she had her back to me and instantly pounced on Green Dress who now had a stunned expression on. 

“Tinuade what the hell” 

So that was her real name: Tinuade, I’d simply started calling her Green Dress in my head since I didn’t know her name. 

“Vwaire?” Tinuade said. 

Oh! So this was the Vwaire, thank God she finally showed up.

“Who else would it be? Why did you leave me stranded at the party?” Vwaire inquired, visibly angry. 

“I swear, I didn’t know it wasn’t you and she has been saying it since, I didn’t understand” Tinuade said darting her eyes towards me. 

“What rubbish are you saying?” Vwaire sounded very irritated at this point. 

“Vwaire calm down” the elderly lady who was probing me before Vwaire stepped in said, causing Vwaire to shift her attention to her. 

“Mama, how do you expect me to calm down? Tinuade took my car away and left me stranded at a party, at night. How am I supposed to be calm?”

The elderly lady walked up to where Vwaire stood and put her hands on her shoulder before saying “Sweetheart calm down, Tinuade did not know that she left you stranded”

“Mama, what are you saying? Stop justifying her wrongdoings” Vwaire began. 

“Vwaire!” the lady had to shake her to get her attention back.

“Aunty what?” 


At that point the lady turned Vwaire to face me where I stood and this night finally made a whole lot more sense. I finally understood why Tinuade and even her mother had mistaken me for her. 

It was like watching the Flash when a person meets another version of himself from a parallel universe, because standing right before me was my own doppelganger. 

I froze where I stood taking her in, it was like looking in a mirror, I couldn’t even point out any difference apart from our outfits and hairstyles. Vwaire was like a real-life photocopy of me, if I didn’t know any better I could have sworn she was my identical twin, but what were the odds of that?

I didn’t even notice that the place had turned deathly silent till Vwaire let out a long loud sob there and then and crumpled to the ground and began to cry. 

I could only stare at her transfixed even as she sobbed, my mind was currently in limbo and all I could do was simply watch as my doppelganger cried on the floor as I replayed the happenings of the night in my head, Tinuade had found me in the party when she was looking for Vwaire, unable to tell I wasn’t who she thought I was due to our resemblance she brought me to Vwaire’s home and even Vwaire’s mom didn’t know that it wasn’t her until she showed up. 

“I don’t even understand any of this, who are your parents” I finally said bringing myself back to the current situation, Vwaire’s mom was crouched next to her on the ground and her sobs had turned to sporadic sniffles. 

“My mum died giving birth to me, I never knew my dad” Vwaire managed to say looking up at me. 

“My dad is dead” I said instantly “he died about 6 or 7 years ago, and that was when I realised that my mother wasn’t actually my mum but my step-mum. I don’t know the full details but my dad maybe had an affair or something like that, but it was at that moment that my birth certificate finally made sense because instead of my supposed mother’s name- Fiona Enohor, in the place that was allowed for the child’s mother’s name was Juliet Odafe”

“That was my mother’s name” Vwaire said pointing at me, then she turned to face her mother, who was apparently not her mother, who’s eyes were currently on me, Vwaire tapped her to get her attention “That’s my mother’s name isn’t it?” and her mother nodded. 

“Wait so who are you?” I asked the mother-not-mother, this story is getting complicated. 

“I’m your aunt, Juliet, your mother, was my twin sister, she died during child birth”

“Let me guess the date” I said. 
“August 22, 1995” both Vwaire and I said at the same time then we looked at one another yet again. 

Vwaire’s aunt -our aunt- gave a very tired sigh at that point. 

“Why don’t we all go to bed, we’ll talk better in the morning, Brino come with me, let me setup the guest room for you”


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I decided to use the Jafiya twins to portray Vware and Brino, because they are so beautiful 😍😍😍

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