Oh I want to go with you to paradise, 

To dwell in your presence day and night, 

I want to walk by your side on the streets of gold, 

And drink from the fountain of living water,

To dine with you and eat of the bread of life, 

And go stargazing, watch you name them one by one.

Till they are finally replaced by the sun. 

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)



If you placed the stars in the sky and still know them all by name, 

How come you still remember mine?

If you make out time to hear everyone on Earth as they call out to you, 

How come you even recognise my voice? 

If all the hairs on my head were tongues, 

I still wouldn’t praise you enough, 

You are beyond measure, 

No one can ever be compared to you, oh my King. 

Your greatness is undisputable,

Your power undeniable,

You alone are unquestionable,

And your ways are unsearchable. 

Yes, this is hero worship. 

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)



But I later got to learn, however,

That shielding my heart away from love, 

Broke me more than any boy ever would.

My heart had become an impentrable fortress,

And I was suffering.

When you decide not to love, its like deciding to stop pumping blood.

You’ll die.

And that’s what happened to me.

I thought I was protecting myself, instead I was breaking my own heart, killing myself.

I became a person I never meant to become.

I had a good heart; I had good intentions when I closed all the doors for crying out loud!

But I didn’t have a loving heart, and I slowly began to die.

I slowly began to welcome bitterness, envy, jealousy and even hate,

All because I was too scared to love.

In a bid to secure my heart, I damaged it;

The very thing I tried to avoid still came to me,

As I was heartbroken when I realised the person I’d become.

So what is the solution then?

Love Anyways.

It’s better to be heartbroken, than to be heartless.


Still to be continued…

🍔 Cheeseburger.



You have to understand I’ve always been scared.

I wasn’t scared to love. No, that’s easy. 

I was scared of love; of what it would do to me. 

I’d seen too many movies and read too many books and I understood the concept. 

Being in love was amazing, it made you ecstatic, put you on an all time high. 

But I also understand the concept of life, that every good thing must come to an end. 

So, I became scared.

I was scared of love, of what would happen to me whenever I got off that high that came along with it. 

I was scared of being broken, terrified of heart break.

So I decided not to love; it was the only way to ensure my protection. 

I put on locks and bolted the doors and cut off all roads leading to my heart. 

My heart became an impenetrable fortress. 

I was glad, my heart was secure. 

But I was insecure. 


To be continued… 

🍔 Cheeseburger.