I watch the tufts of my hair as they fall to the ground, I laugh a little as Obiageli comes to mind.
Robo robo robo‘ she’d say if she were here because of the curly and kinky nature of my hair.

Iya Nura pauses with the comb atop my head and asks in Yoruba why I’m laughing, I reply her with nothing. She begins to plait my hair, all the while overseeing what her daughter is cooking in the general kitchen right behind us in her face-me-I-face-you apartment, supervising her twin sons as they go about their homeworks and maintaining a steady string of conversation with the woman in the closest apartment who talks from her room as they gossip about who wore it better at the latest Owambe in the neighbourhood.
The smell of goat faeces plagues my senses as little chicks stroll about filling my head and distracting me with their incessant clucking. I sigh inwardly, I finished reading Chimamanda’s Purple Hibiscus last night and as Iya Nura plaits my hair, I cant help but remember when Father Amadi took Kambili to get her hair done.

I’m a little like Kambili in a way, although I am not as bad as her, I have trouble expressing myself, but I can’t help imagine myself in her shoes.

I craned my neck as Mama Joe finished plaiting my hair, Father Amadi comes in at the right time and gives me that warm smile that I always find solace in, he holds out his hand to me and helps me up, instead of passing through the normal path home, we take the long road instead, a fly perches itself atop my head and Father Amadi swats it away, afterwhich he goes on to stroke my cheek ‘do you have to go?’ I ask.

He closes his eyes for a split second, reminding me of how much I love his lashes ‘I cannot leave the priesthood’ he answers instead.

‘but you can leave me? Us? This… this… what we have?’ the tears came unconsciously and I turned away from him as I swiped them away, clearly embarrassed at myself and my sudden outburst ‘you know what? Forget it’ I say after getting myself together and I turn back in the direction that leads home making sure not to look at him.

‘Kambili’ his voice reaches me at the same time his hand does my arm. I’m frozen in my place and he comes in front of me resting his other hand on my other arm, I’m losing my composure, the tears come again and I lean my forehead against his chest.

His first kiss terrifies me as much as it appeals to me. Just a simple peck on the middle of my head,he raises my head up and looks into my eyes before placing another on my forehead, by the time I look up at him again his eyes are on my lips and he bends towards —

“Eno, oya o!” Iya Nura’s voice jolts me into reality, she’s done with my hair, with an inward sigh I stand up from the small kitchen stool, thanking her in the process.


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