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In case no one noticed, I’ve been putting efforts into finishing EXP #1. That story has dragged on for way too long, but I hate forcing myself to write, so… here we are.


I think I’m making being a Christian Blogger a whole lot harder than it should be really, and I just hate leaving my blog without posting when I am when I am well within the means to post, so I asked the Holy Spirit and he was like why don’t you write about prayer?

So… anyone who knows me or at least the person I have/am becom(e/ing) in recent times probably knows I love to pray. I try not to joke with prayer time.

I wasn’t always like this though. In fact there was a time I used to dread going to church and prayer really. But after I realised that I couldn’t continue treating God like a backup plan, I became serious with my relationship with Him.

Becoming serious with prayer though… That was work. Real work. I don’t even know why, but at a point in my life stringing words together during prayer session was just too daunting a task. It was too stressful. Thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, because once I received the Holy Ghost baptism praying in known tongues became a thing of the past. So speaking in tongues helped me during prayer. Alot.

I’ve met a lot of people who would rather worship than pray, and nobody should get me wrong, worship is good, it’s also a form of prayer. However, prayer; real and actual Kabashing is still needed. Some things just have to be prayed. Some prayers just have to be made. Yes, worship unlocks God’s heart to us and all, but when his heart is open we need to make supplication for ourselves and others and this is done only through prayer.

Prayer simply is the key and we need to become serious with it.

Next post I’ll discuss some tips to developing your prayer life, so if you’re interested click the link tomorrow evening.


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I woke up today feeling very desperate, and my desperation led me to do a Google Search on myself. I used 3 key words to google myself up twice and at some point I got up to page 4 in my web browser and I was yet to find anything on myself.

This had me feeling small and insignificant and I realised, I am yet to do something that will shoot me up to the top of my search page list; I am yet to do something that will change the world. 

Yes, I have visions of what I will do to change the world when I get older, but how about now? How can I change the world now in my present capacity? 

I’m yet to have a good enough answer to share with you guys, but an act of kindness and love shown to me by my dad just this afternoon made me realise that changing the world is not about how much people you affect all the time, it has mostly to do with how much effect it has on each single individual involved. 

I don’t have all the answers, so I’m throwing the question out to you all. How can I change the world in my present capacity? 
How can you change the world in your present capacity? 
How can we all change the world in our present capacity? 

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