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Its Tuesday evening.

I cringed as another crashing sound came from upstairs.

The Slave Master has been at it for close to 20 minutes now.

He stormed into the house and went upstairs without so much of a glance in my direction—not that it bothered me or anything—his personal aides had followed him in, dropped his stuff off in his study and made their exit immediately. Then it started, different crashing and breaking sounds came from his room intermittently, each one causing me to jump in fear.

What could be wrong with the Slave Master?

The sound of household furniture that had just met its demise met my ears once again.

I sighed as I stood up from where I was perched on the couch.

Shaking my head as I thought to myself ‘I can’t take this anymore’ I marched up the stairs.

I paused at the landing that led to his room and I remembered how the Slave Master had categorically warned me not to set foot into his room. I hesitated as I realised just how foolish a step I was about to take. The Slave Master was usually very ill-tempered on his good days, and today was apparently a bad day for him. Was it really in my place to get him to stop this temper tantrum of his?

The sound of something breaking not too far away from me pulled me out of my reverie and made up my mind for me. I marched forward to the Slave Master’s room.

The door was open and right in front of it lay the carcass of a dead Samsung phone.

I took a deep breath before pushing the door open, the sound of my entry made the Slave Master pause from where he stood and he turned to look at me, lowering his arm which held a bedside lamp that he was probably about to fling out of the window.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in his dead and emotionless voice.

I blinked.

I had not been expecting that question.

What exactly was I doing here?

I thought I already decided that it wasn’t in my place to get him to stop his temper tantrum?

How had my brain forgotten to process this information to the rest of my body?

Oh crap!

“Are you deaf?” he bellowed, causing me to shrink back from where I stood in terror.

I cleared my throat “Um…”

I cleared my throat again, it seemed as though all my words were stuck there and my brain wasn’t even making an effort to want to function at all.

I don’t know for how long I stood there, standing like a fool, probably with my mouth hanging open because the Slave Master suddenly burst out laughing.

I just kept staring, and he kept laughing. As in, actual laughter and not the usual humourless and dead laughter I was used to from him. He doubled over and wiped his eye and looked up at me and burst into another fit of hysteria.

That was when I shut my mouth.
He was probably laughing at me and how foolish I looked. Scratch the probably part. He was laughing at me and how foolish I looked.

“What’s so funny?” I finally found my voice when he was done.

“Oh God! You should have seen the look on your face”

I sighed and looked around the room. Everything was a mess. The beside table lay in a broken heap, clothes were strewn all over the place, the full length dressing mirror lay in broken shards on the floor, and that was just the little I could see from where I stood at the door.

“Why don’t we go outside for a bit” I said looking up at the Slave Master who had been staring at me as I carried out my inspection on his room.

He obliged and followed me downstairs.

“I take it you’re in a bad mood” said I.

“How did you manage to figure that out?” he asked sarcastically.

“You know what you need?” I asked, ignoring his stupid comment.

“What?” he asked.

“Puff puff, puff puff always makes everything better. Where are your car keys? I know a place nearby that has the best puff puff” I replied.

“Are you kidding me?” he asked with his most serious straight face.

“Nope, I’m dead serious”

The Slave Master sighed then shrugged and ushered me outside.

Yay! We’re going to get puff puff!!!

EXP #1, novella

EXP #1.20

The invitation to Nosa Osaretin’s birthday party came in during breakfast the next morning and I promptly informed the Slave Master who came back that evening with a bag from a well known boutique in town. 

“Go check if it suits you” was all he said as he flung the bag in my direction when he stepped into the house. 
It was a red floor-length dinner gown with a silvery lace bodice, alongside silver heels and jewelry. I breathed Wow at the sight of  the bag’s content. 
“Wow! I love this dress” I practically yelled as I burst into the living room, to show myself off to the Slave Master in my new attire. 
“Good” he replied, his straight line lips curving up just a little bit.
I twirled once in my gown, then decided to give it another try. 
“I think it would be nice if you take the gown off now” the Slave Master said in a firm tone. 
“I know, I know” I replied with a smile “I just love it” I breathed. 
“Point noted. Go pull it off” the Slave Master deadpanned.
I sighed at the tone of his voice and turned to the stairs “Thank you” I turned towards him before ascending “Thank you very much. I’m really grateful”
The Slave Master gave a curt nod and I went back to my room.
I’m in so much pains now. My eyes hurt. 

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EXP #1

EXP #1.19

“Have you seen this?” the Slave Master asked as he came down that evening, holding a magazine in his hand. 

He’d been in his office all day with occasional visitors dressed in suits carrying books and suitcases, going in and out. I’d just busied myself around the house and only stepped in twice after the first time, first to give him his already cold breakfast and second to ask what he’d have for dinner. 

“Your dinner is getting cold” I answered, gesturing towards the dinning room.

“Look at this” the Slave Master said before thrusting the magazine into my hand, I scanned the article he pointed at then looked back at him.

“How does this have any thing to do with me?” I asked. 

The article was concerning some elite who was going to be celebrating his 50th birthday during the weekend. 

“Look at the name” the Slave Master said impatiently as if he was waiting for me to suddenly be concerned about some random rich person in a magazine. 

“Nosa Osaretin” I said and looked back at him still confused.

The Slave Master groaned due to obvious disappointment before finally saying “Nosa Osaretin is on the Board of Directors in Judisque-Allan”

“So? How is this any of my business?” I asked. 

The Slave Master groaned again, this time due to exasperation “This party is going to be filled up with everybody who is somebody in the society and it’s going to be a great opportunity for you to meet all the movers and shakers in Judisque-Allan”

“Why must I know them? They have their lives, I have mine”  

The Slave Master slapped his palm against his forehead in sheer frustration at this point. 

“What?!” I asked totally confused at this point “It’s not a must I get to know them na!”

“It’s like you don’t understand”

“Make me understand”

“You have already made enemies even beyond Judisque-Allan just because you are one half of the highest share holders in the company. This party gives you the best opportunity to network and make friends and informally introduce yourself to society. See it as your coming out party, it is the perfect opportunity.”

I shrugged “Okay”

“Do you have an invite?” the Slave Master asked. 

“No. Do you?”

“Of course not” the Slave Master answered as if he’d be the last person with an invite to such an event. 

“Why?” I asked, at my question, his expression cleared and all guards were put back up “Oh, I remember, you’re antisocial”

I gave me a sort of curious expression at that point “Call your sister and ask for an invite. I’m sure she’ll have one”

“I don’t have Vwaire’s number”

The Slave Master looked at me for like a second before turning on his heel and heading back upstairs. He came back less than a minute later with a piece of paper in his hand which he stretched out to me. 

“What’s this?” I asked. 

He didn’t answer, his hand was still outstretched, I collected the piece of paper and he immediately turned to the dinning room. 

On the piece of paper boldly written out was a phone number with the name Vwaire under it. 

What does this guy not know exactly? I thought to myself as I dialled the number.

“Hello?” Vwaire spoke

“Hey Vwaire, it’s Brino, how are you?” I replied. 

“I’m okay, I’m even meant to be asking you. How is your Slave Master? Hope he’s not harassing you?”

“He’s… he’s just there jare, but no, I’m perfectly fine”

“That’s nice to hear”

“Yeah, I called to find out if you’re going for Nosa Osaretin’s birthday party this Saturday”

“Yes, me and Tinuade are planning to go. Why?”

“Well, since he’s a big person at the company I guessed lots of others would be present also and I’d like to get an opportunity to meet as many people as possible that are involved with the shipping company”

“I see”

“So could you please get me an invite?” I asked

“No problem, I’ll tell Aunty, it should be sent to your mail before the end of tomorrow”

“Okay, thank you” I said, right after which I hung up. 


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EXP #1

EXP #1.18

“You walked out on me” the Slave Master said, standing in the doorway of my room. 
I sat up on the bed, and shrugged as I held his eyes “there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?”

He shook his head “I want to understand something”


“What happened on Friday night?”

“Now you ask, wait sef, don’t you already know everything?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the Slave Master asked. 

“You showed up at my aunty’s place the next day, you also know about my shares, less than 24 hours after I acquired them, how do you not know the full details of what happened on Friday?” I asked. 

The Slave Master exhaled. 

I gave a sigh of my own before speaking “After you left me to see your mother, I bumped into my twin sister’s friend, Tinuade. Tinuade mistook me for my sister, Vwaire and took me to her house. Vwaire got home not long after we did and everything was all cleared up”

“That’s all?” he asked sceptically. 

“That’s all” I replied. 

“And you never knew anything about Vwa- your twin till Friday?”


“And she never knew about you either?”

“Nope, we were both in shock”

“What about your aunt?”

“Ah-ahn! Why are you asking all these questions?” I looked up at the Slave Master who had a hand to his face in deep thought. He looked at me with eyes that didn’t really look at me, as if he was thinking of a whole lot of other things that were beyond the confines of my room and even this conversation. 

“I’m just curious. They never knew about you till Friday and you’re already a member of the family with Judisque-Allan shares to prove it”

“Get over this shares already!” I exclaimed. 

“You never answered my question. Did your aunt know?” the Slave Master ignored my earlier outburst.

“She said she always had a feeling that I might have existed somewhere”

The Slave Master’s confused expression nearly made me laugh. I’d never ever seen him confused. Always cool, calm and composed; occasionally full of himself and arrogant; angry was another expression I was used to, even condescending, but never confused, so before he could speak I beat him to it “My parents are both dead now, my mother died giving birth to us, my dad was her lover and they ran away, according to my aunt my mum was expecting twins, but I was born first and my dad took me away, by the time my aunt got to the hospital, my dad had probably made off with me, she watched as my sister was born before my mum gave up the ghost”

The Slave Master nodded. 

I climbed up the stairs the next morning and knocked on the Slave Master’s door “Hello, are you in there?”

“I’m in here!” he called out from another room, I followed the sound till I found the room it came from. After I’d knocked twice, I turned the knob on the door, it opened up to an office. Black desk, one chair behind it which currently held the Slave Master and two chairs in front of it. Various office paraphernalia were arranged on the table, a bookshelf was at the side of a wall, I stepped in and looked down at the soft carpet beneath my feet as I felt it. I’d never been in this room. I looked around once again, the room wasn’t so big, it was like a home office. 

“Can I help you?” the Slave Master asked with an impassive expression on his face as he looked up from the laptop he was working on.   

“You didn’t come down for breakfast, the pancakes are already cold”

“Just bring them up, I’m busy” he replied. 

“You’re not going to work today?” 

“You can see I’m busy” he deadpanned. 

“Alright then, I’ll bring your breakfast up”


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EXP #1

EXP #1.17

​Clap clap.

“Are you kidding me?” I said as soon as I got downstairs.

The Slave Master raised an eyebrow in response to my outburst.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“My dinner isn’t going to cook itself in case you didn’t realize and I’m hungry” he answered.

I could not even bring myself to give a reply; I focused on my breathing to stop my vision from turning red “You expect me to cook for you?” I managed a few moments later.

Damiloju shrugged “Why not? I’m hungry”

‘Calm Brino, calm’ I said to myself, still working on my breathing “You locked me out of the house, you left me in the rain to die! And I barely got time to warm myself up just now and you still expect me to cook dinner for you?”

“Either you cook dinner or it cooks itself, and I don’t see dinner cooking itself anytime soon” the Slave Master replied sarcastically.

It took all my willpower not to lunge at the Slave Master where he sat and give him a piece of my fist, all I could do was to groan out my frustration, after which I kicked the setee right next to me and every other thing in my path on my way to the kitchen.


“Why don’t you have dinner with me?” the Slave Master suggested as he sat down to have his meal.

“I’m not hungry” I replied.

“I insist”

“That won’t make me hungry” I deadpanned.

“Sit with me as I have dinner then”

“I’d rather not”

“Brino” the Slave Master said looking straight into my eyes, I stared right back at him with what I hoped was defiance “Sit” he said with his usual air of authority that could not be defied.

I reluctantly sat down “What now?”

“Do you always have to be so stubborn?”

“Do you expect me to answer that question?”

The Slave Master sighed “Just 3 days”

“What is just 3 days?” I asked.

The Slave Master looked up at me like he was going to say something, then bent towards his food and took another bite, ignoring my question.

“You were away from me for just 3 days” he finally said minutes later “now look at you, outspoken and bold, you’ve gotten your tongue and you can talk to me as you please now, so money really does that”

I groaned “How did you even know about my shares in Judisque-Allan?”

The Slave Master shrugged and continued eating “How about I make you a deal, you sell your shares to me and you’re free to leave my house. I’ll forgive your debt”

I laughed “Those shares are worth a whole lot more than the price of 6 Honda Pilots combined and you know that. But don’t worry; I’m going to be paying you in installments. Whatever returns I get from my shares, I’ll wire it straight to you till I give you back your last kobo”

“So you’re not selling then?” the Slave Master asked.

“Of course not, now if you’ll excuse me” I stood up “I’m very sure you’ve spoken on what you wanted to talk about, and since my shares are off the table, I’d like to go to bed. Good night” I turned on my heel and went up to my bedroom.

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EXP #1

EXP #1.16

“Are you sure about this?” Aunty Juliana asked for the umpteenth time that afternoon. 

“Yes aunty” I answered rubbing my temple.

“Mama, calm down or you’re gonna give her a headache” Vwaire said, from where she sat across me on the dining table. 

“Let me go freshen up, I’ll be leaving in an hour’s time” I said and excused myself before Aunty Juliana could try to change my mind, either that or she would start another round of her incessant worrying. I sighed as I closed my room door, I was here for just 3 days and it already felt like home. I was instantly accepted, and although Vwaire wasn’t the most accomodating person in the universe, there was still that invisible bond that bound us. I didn’t want to go back to the Slave Master, not because he was a condescending, menacing bully, but because I was finally in a place where I didn’t struggle to fit in, I was finally in a place I could easily and readily call home and I was not ready to leave. 

I packed my things, my very few things into a small bag Aunty Juliana had given me earlier and made my way downstairs.

“I’m set” I said entering the living room where Tinuade, Vwaire and Aunty Juliana were sitted “See you guys whenever”

The three women stood up and walked me to the gate “Have a safe journey” Tinuade said to me as she clapped my shoulder.

“Stay safe” Vwaire told me, gripping my arm.

“Oh Brino” Aunty Juliana said, she was already glassy eyed.

“You guys, I’m not dying!” I had to exclaim, the sombre mood was already choking me “Nothing bad is going to happen stop acting like this”

“I’m sorry” Aunty Juliana managed wiping her eyes “But we only just found you and we have to be separated from you so soon, it’s painful. I need you to promise me something. Promise me that you’ll come back home to your family”

“I promise” I said.

Vwaire then shocked me by giving me a hug “No matter what, we are family, blood, never ever forget that, and don’t ever forget you have a place here”

“Sure, I won’t” I coughed, these people were getting too mushy for my liking “I’ll be on my way now” 

“God be with you” Aunty Juliana said one last time before I left the house.


It was relatively easy getting to the Slave Master’s house since I have a very good sense of direction, I already knew my way since the first time Henshaw had brought me back here from the market when I was trying to find out where I was, so as to sneak out and see Bruno.

I pounded the gate instantly “It’s me. Let me in” I said as the gateman opened the little flap on the pedestrian gate to check who it was.

“Oga is not around and he said I should not open the gate for anybody when he’s not around” the gateman said from within.

I slumped my shoulders in frustration and gave an exasperated sigh before making myself comfortable, leaning on the gate. The sky began to turn gray in a matter of minutes, I pounded the gate once again “Open up, it’s about to start raining”

“I can’t! You know the way Oga used to do. Small time he will vex and sack me, I take God beg you, abeg, manage for there” the gateman said from within the house and I could emphatise, the poor man knew how crazy his boss could get and was not ready to take chances with his means of livelihood and I couldn’t blame him. 

Unfortunately, the rain began to fall, straight atop my head without any mercy. I stood in the rain as the sky got darker and I shivered within my clothes. I had no umbrella or anything to shield me from the downpour and I was already soaked to my bones by the time his car drove up to the gate, I had been standing there for over 15 minutes. I grit my teeth as the car honked, the gate was opened and I made my way in behind the car and ran up to the porch where the downpour was greatly reduced. 

“Oh my goodness, I hope you didn’t stand too long in the rain” the Slave Master said with feigned concern as he strolled up to his front door, umbrella in hand as he inserted the key into the keyhole.

I couldn’t reply, but ran into the house as fast as I could to get my inhaler, I had brought it along when I’d packed my stuff from my mother’s house, I could feel an asthma attack coming and I was not ready to die. Thank God the Slave Master came back at the time that he did and not any later.  

By the time I was done, I turned around to find him leaning against my room doorway “Fortunately, you didn’t die”

“Like you care” I replied, finally able to breathe perfectly. 

“Of course I care” the Slave Master replied “Why will I not be concerned about the welfare of the latest shareholder in the Judisque-Allan shipping company, who just happens to be working for me and living under my roof because she destroyed my car and doesn’t have the money to pay me back?” 

“That doesn’t even make any sense at all” I said going out of the room, with him following behind me, turning on the lights as I went. 

“Does it?” 

I turned around to face the Slave Master, we were in the living room at this point. 

“So you have connections everywhere and you’ve heard about my inheritance. So what?” I asked with arms crossed rubbing them with my palms as I spoke. 

“Nothing” the Slave Master replied with a shrug “I just wanted to remind you that you are now a very relevant person, so I should be concerned about your welfare”

“Whatever” I muttered and went to pick up my bag from where I’d discarded it. 


So I had to read all the previous EXP #1 posts before I could even type this, and I have to admit, I’m proud of myself. And it’s so beautiful how I’ve been writing this for close to 3 months and it’s about 3 weeks that has passed within the story.

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EXP #1

EXP #1.14

“That sounds awesome!” I beamed.

I was finally going to be rid of the Slave Master, I am never stealing anything in my life ever again. 

“Mama, please rethink this thing, tomorrow is Monday. At least give it a week” Vwaire said in a very soft voice holding Aunty Juliana’s hand. 
Aunty Juliana shook her head sternly “It’s your money not mine, let your sister get her life back on track with her share even if you don’t need yours” 

Vwaire dropped Aunty Juliana’s hand and watched as the older lady stood up and went into the house, she sighed loudly when Aunty Juliana was out of the room and stood up without so much as a second glance at me or Bruno. 

“Wow” I said instantly pissed off by Vwaire’s attitude. Me and that girl have no thing at all in common once you get past our physical appearance. 


The next day was Monday, one more day left till the Slave Master’s deadline, I couldn’t help but remember.

Vwaire borrowed me a formal dress to wear to the lawyers office, although it was after herself and Aunty Juliana finished a big fight in her room. 

We first went to the hospital to pick up the DNA test results. All though the result seemed pretty obvious, I couldn’t help but shake with nervousness as I opened the envelope. What if I’m not actually related in this people? What if it was all a huge mistake and misunderstanding?
Doubts began to flood my mind as I brought the result out, palms wet and shaky, I managed to hold the DNA result and  decipher what it said. I heaved a huge sigh of relief when the DNA result showed that I was indeed related to Aunty Juliana and Vwaire. 

After the hospital we went to the Law Firm where Aunty Juliana’s lawyer worked. I filled lots of forms in the lawyer’s office and signed a couple of papers, alongside Vwaire and Aunty Juliana 

“That’s all madam” the lawyer said facing Aunty Juliana “You have successfully divided your shares into two and transferred them to your nieces. Congratulations” the man said the last word as he extended his hand first to Vwaire who shook it politely, then to me, I shook him trying my best to hold on to the smile that was threatening to break out on my face soon.

“Thank you, Mr Bello” Aunty Juliana said, also shaking his hand.

“My pleasure madam”

After the firm, Aunty Juliana decided that I needed to see the shipping company and asked her driver to take us there. Vwaire was uncharacteristically calm and quite during the drive. 

As soon as we got to the shipping company, someone approached Aunty Juliana to talk to her about whatever, leaving me to wander about with Vwaire. 

“So…” I nearly jumped when I heard Vwaire’s  voice next to me. 

“So?” I asked.

“What are you going to do with your shares?” Vwaire asked conversationally.

I eyed her suspiciously “What do you think?” I finally answered “I’m going to sell it to the highest bidder and use the money to settle my debt and get my life in order” I smiled to myself “It’s been a long time coming”

Vwaire shook her head.

“Don’t sell it” Vwaire’s voice came out a couple of minutes later as we aimlessly walked.

“What?” I had to ask. 

“Don’t sell the shares. Don’t sell your birth right. This company is not just a good investment, it’s practically our family heirloom. Do you know the amount of people that have been trying to get these shares off Aunty Juliana since all these years? Lots of people have been trying to get a hold of our shares so as to control Judisque-Allan. Do you know there are some goods we don’t deal in because of Aunty Juliana’s grip on the company? There are some people in this country who would like to get hold of Judisque-Allan and use it for shady business, but no one has a grip on the company as much as Aunty Juliana does, if you sell you won’t just take away our power in the company, but you will also make an avenue for whosoever to get access to the company and not everyone has good intentions, and it will not end well for any of us. Please don’t sell” 

Vwaire’s words hit me and reminded me of the story of the prodigal son, I’d just received my inheritance and I was ready to sell it just like that.

I bit my bottom lower lip, steeling myself for the alternative decision.


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