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2017 has been a wonderful year for me quite frankly, I did things I’d never have thought myself capable of doing and accomplished some wonderful feats. All these beautiful reports didn’t happen overnight mind you, there was always a constant effort to push and keep pushing, there were lots of frustrating moments, depressing moments, and even sad ones. There was a lot of trial and error involved in my learning process and also times I hated myself for not being good enough and for not being up to standard.

Through it all however, God’s Holy Spirit was there with me to guard, to guide and to teach, and I want to share with you the lesson I learnt on patience this year.

If you ever ask me ‘what fruit of the Spirit do you exercise the least?’ I don’t think I’ll even give a thought before I mention patience. I always tell people that when God was creating me, and depositing in me attributes for my personality, he ran out of stock on patience and just had to send me down to earth without it.

I hate waiting; patience to me is more of a waste of time than a virtue. 

I hate waiting in line, I hate waiting for food, I hate waiting for people, I hate waiting for my phone to stop hanging, I hate waiting for anything and everything! Worse off, I hate waiting for myself. I love learning new things, however, if I don’t learn as quickly as I usually do, I start hating myself for not being good enough, I start hating myself for not being able to do whatever, all because I’m not patient enough to wait for myself to learn. If I’m wearing a fitted long skirt and I have to take short steps as I walk I can’t bear to be patient enough to wait for one foot to land on the ground as I walk. It’s that bad.

In my journey with God and relationship with Him, I hate that I’m at one level of my spiritual life and moving forward is such a long and slow process. God had to teach me this year, that there is a process to things, you don’t just emerge. A flower doesn’t just bloom; a caterpillar doesn’t just become a butterfly, in life there is a metamorphosis process that can never be ignored. 

I learnt that there is a process to everything and you don’t just emerge, you have to be patient and you have to trust the process.

I was listening to Travis Greene’s ‘You Waited’ last night and I realised just how patient God is. He also wants to see us bloom and emerge as beautiful butterflies, but He knows He has to take us through a making process and He does so patiently, even when we mess up, even when we fail. He patiently takes us back to the drawing board and teaches us everything we need to learn. I went back to all the times in my life that my parents, my teachers, my friends and loved ones, just weren’t patient enough with me, I recollected their disappointments, frustrations, anger and annoyance and I tried to imagine if God ever had any of those feelings towards me. I recalled all the times I’d given up on certain things, all the times I’d gone into depression and hated myself just because I couldn’t be patient enough to allow myself learn, and I realised that God was still there, patiently waiting to teach me. Even when I sinned He patiently waited for me to come back to him.

All the times I wasn’t patient enough for me, he was always there waiting patiently.

I learnt that God didn’t run out of stock on patience when creating me, I know that I am created in His likeness; if he can be patient, so can I.

I know that all his works are good, and I am assured that as He created me, he put in a good measure of patience, I just find it hard to exercise the patience he gave me that’s all. I’m going to have to dig deep and ask the Holy Spirit to help me find the patience that He deposited in me from creation and help me to use it maximally.

Where would I be, if you left me?

In all honesty, I really don’t want to know. I don’t want to know where I would be if God hadn’t waited, just so he could teach me patience.

What Amazing Grace, that you’ve shown so patiently,

And you waited for me, just for me

Oh oh oh.

Thank you Jesus, for Amazing Grace.

Words On Marble


In case no one noticed, I’ve been putting efforts into finishing EXP #1. That story has dragged on for way too long, but I hate forcing myself to write, so… here we are.


I think I’m making being a Christian Blogger a whole lot harder than it should be really, and I just hate leaving my blog without posting when I am when I am well within the means to post, so I asked the Holy Spirit and he was like why don’t you write about prayer?

So… anyone who knows me or at least the person I have/am becom(e/ing) in recent times probably knows I love to pray. I try not to joke with prayer time.

I wasn’t always like this though. In fact there was a time I used to dread going to church and prayer really. But after I realised that I couldn’t continue treating God like a backup plan, I became serious with my relationship with Him.

Becoming serious with prayer though… That was work. Real work. I don’t even know why, but at a point in my life stringing words together during prayer session was just too daunting a task. It was too stressful. Thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, because once I received the Holy Ghost baptism praying in known tongues became a thing of the past. So speaking in tongues helped me during prayer. Alot.

I’ve met a lot of people who would rather worship than pray, and nobody should get me wrong, worship is good, it’s also a form of prayer. However, prayer; real and actual Kabashing is still needed. Some things just have to be prayed. Some prayers just have to be made. Yes, worship unlocks God’s heart to us and all, but when his heart is open we need to make supplication for ourselves and others and this is done only through prayer.

Prayer simply is the key and we need to become serious with it.

Next post I’ll discuss some tips to developing your prayer life, so if you’re interested click the link tomorrow evening.


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EXP #1

EXP #1.24

Ding Dong!

I looked up from the table I was currently dusting at the clock. It was Monday morning and the Slave Master had left for work over an hour ago. Maybe he had left something behind and sent Henshaw back for it, I thought to myself as I made towards the door.

Ding dong!

The bell rang again.

“I’m coming, I’m coming” I yelled as I made past the dinning room into the mini parlour and threw open the door.

“What are you doing here?” I asked without thinking.

Bruno cleared his throat and used his eyes to signal me. I blinked and looked up to see one of the Slave Master’s many body guards behind him.

“What are you guys doing here? I thought no one comes in till the Sla–Damiloju is back?” I did a double-take, and directed my question to the bodyguard.

“Good morning, I’m from ON&T, I’m here to install the internet” Bruno said, acting as if we were strangers as he stretched out his hand.

“The Boss said that someone was coming from the Tech Company to install the Wi-Fi today” the Bodyguard affirmed.

I eyed his still outstretched hand warily before shaking it “Well, he never told me anything” I eyed Bruno again “I’ll call him and tell him, just go do what you have to do”

At that point, I opened the door to let them in “Where will the Wi-Fi be installed?”

“The Boss said to set it up in his office” the Bodyguard replied and ushered Bruno upstairs.

I was pretty confused. How did Bruno get here? Why was Bruno here? I was 100% sure it wasn’t just for the Wi-Fi installation, maybe that was why he called for the Slave Master’s name over the weekend.

I sighed having no answer to these questions as I was about to carry on with what I’d previously been doing, I heard my phone beep and went over to pick it up.

Text Message from Bruno:

Yo, help me get this guy away from here for like 5 mins please. It’s important.

I reread the message in bewilderment. What exactly was Bruno up to? The Slave Master was not one to be trifled with, but Bruno wanted time alone in a room that I’d been forbidden from entering from Day One, what exactly was the Slave Master so secretive about that was in that room?

I sighed and began thinking of a good excuse to get the Bodyguard out. If he was anything like Henshaw he wouldn’t be easily tricked.

After thinking for a while I came up with a plan. A took a deep breath and sighed right after what I let out a ear piercing scream. Then I sprawled myself on the ground and began gasping. The Bodyguard arrived in a matter of seconds and I continued my act, pretending to gasp for breath as I lay on the floor.

“What’s wrong? What’s happening?” he asked alarmed at my present condition.

“In-ha-ler” I forced the words out as I continued my fake asthma attack.

“In-ha-ler. My-room” I tried again and pointed up the stairs to where my room was located.

“Inhaler?” he asked his palms shaking as he held me in my pitiful state. I nodded.

“Are you asthmatic?” He asked.

I nodded frantically, pointing at the stairs again. I needed him to leave soon or else I’d actually trigger a real attack.

“Room-draw-er” I barely coughed out. This thing was getting real “Hurry” I squeaked as the Bodyguard raced up to my room, to search for my inhaler. I tried to stabilise my breathing at that point, but I was too far gone. I’d just triggered a real attack for myself.

When I was first diagnosed, the doctors had told me panic and anxiety were normal symptoms of asthma and if I was ever to experience an attack without my inhaler I should try my best to calm myself down. I tried one of the calming exercises I’d been taught, I was too nervous to execute it properly, my breathing was becoming more difficult by the second and my chest hurt terribly all of a sudden. Why did I have to fake an attack, I thought to myself as I held myself up on my knees, I was to weak to stand so I crawled up to the foot of the stairs wheezing louder as I dragged myself. I was going to kill myself, I just lay still and tried once again to calm myself.
Where was that Bodyguard?!

My vision began to blur and black dots spotted my line of sight, a sure sign my oxygen was very low and I was going to pass out in a–

I felt a firm hand press something between my lips.

One puff.

Two puffs.

By the third puff, my airways had cleared and I pushed the inhaler away as I the embraced fresh oxygen flowing into my lungs, I blinked my eyes open to see Bruno.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

If he was here, that meant he had not been doing whatever he was meant to be doing while I had my attack. I had just tried to kill myself in vain!

“I found your inhaler” he said with a small smile.

I sat up and saw the Bodyguard on the step behind where I lay.

“Just go” I said to Bruno as I forced myself on my feet and wobbled back to the living room.

What a waste.


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EXP #1

EXP #1.95

Damiloju had to excuse himself at that point, Brino was close to asking a question on a subject he was not ready to touch, a subject he had not been able to touch for the past 6 years. 

“It’s like you don’t go out much, at least not as much as you used to when these people were close to you” she asked as Femi left after greeting them. He and Femi had known each other since secondary school, they’d been in the same class for 2 consecutive years and were pretty close, of course Damiloju had gradually cut off every one from his life after the unfortunate incident, but that didn’t stop Femi and the others from coming over to greet him. Some people were excited as they approached him, some approached him warily, but they were all mostly shocked to see him at a social gathering. 

“Not really” he answered her. 

“Why? Because it seems like you were very dedicated to all this once upon a time” she continued. 

“Life happened” he gave his answer in a tone which he hoped she’d realise he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. 

Now he had to excuse himself, knowing Brino she might just bring up another question concerning the subject whether knowingly or unknowingly. 

After excusing himself and leaving Brino’s side he went on to look for his mother. 

“Oh my god, Damiloju! You have got to be kidding me!” Jessica all but exclaimed and he couldn’t help himself from smiling at his childhood friend as she pulled him into a hug. 

“Jessie how are you?” he asked. 

“I’m fine o! Dami, that’s how you just abandoned us. You just dumped all your friends and cut yourself off from every thing” she said tilting her head upwards in a sad face.

His face fell also, his smile evaporated and he hardened his eyes. He didn’t reply. 

Jessica sighed “At least you came to this event. That’s a sure sign that you’re putting the past behind you”

Damiloju nodded thoughtfully “Maybe”

“So tell me, how have you been? Did you eventually get that Law degree?” Jessica said holding his arm. 

“Yes” he nodded “I was called to bar a year ago. What of you? Are you still into that… er…”

“I’m into management and consulting now” Jessica filled in for him “Where are you going?” she had to ask as Damiloju made his way around the restaurant with her 

“I’m looking for my mum” he said. 

“Aww, you’re still a momma ‘s boy” Jessica said playfully hitting his arm while he shrugged to her statement “Come, I think I saw her a while back sha” 

The pair didn’t go far, as his mother came into view a distance away from them, she stood elegant in a simple purple dinner gown as she engaged in conversation with some other women her age. 

“Thank you” Damiloju nodded to Jessica, when they got to the women he greeted them all and engaged in the necessary niceties before seeking audience with his mother, Jessica excused herself at that moment also. 

“You came” his mother said, beaming as she hugged him; he nodded his head also.

“Helen” Mrs Eweka said from behind them to his mother “oh, you’re busy”

“Never mind, what’s the matter?” Damiloju’s mother replied. 

“No Helen, I’ll meet you later, talk to your son” Mrs Eweka nodded her head at Damiloju and was about to leave before asking “where’s your date? That girl”

Damiloju bit back a small smile at the way Mrs Eweka said girl, as if it was a nasty word “oh she’s somewhere here, I left her a while back”

“I don’t know, but it’s like I’ve seen that girl before, somewhere” Damiloju shrugged “her face. Her face just seems so … striking, so familiar. Let me excuse you both now” Mrs Eweka finally said, realising she was about to start rambling. 

“So how’s your girlfriend?” Helen asked her son “why isn’t she with you?”

“She’s okay” Dami replied with a shrug. 

“Come to think of it, I saw this girl from your secondary school tonight”

“Who?” Damiloju asked, uninterested. 

“That Dare’s girlfriend” his mom said trying to remember her name as she put her palm to her head. 

“Vwaire?” Dami asked, suddenly very interested in what his mother had to say. 

“Yes that’s her name”

“But what’s she doing here?” the nervousness he was feeling seeped into his tone. 

“She said that the groom is her family friend or something, you should see her all grown up now. Come to think of it, she looks so much like your girlfriend; the resemblance is very striking, they could easily pass off for one another you know?”

“Hmmn” was all he had to say

“Yes, do you know? Maybe they could be related o!”

“Maybe” Dami said, thoroughly distracted at this point “Mum you know what? I’m quite tired. I think I should be on my way home now” he bent in and gave his mother a quick peck after which she hugged him and he took off. 

He had to find Brino and keep her away from Vwaire, the both of them could not meet. He got back to the place where he’d left her, Brino was no where in sight, he placed his hand on his forehead and gently began to massage his temple, where could she be? He turned around, hoping to find her among the throng of people within the building. Could she have gone outside? Was she trying to escape again? He’d already threatened to show her pepper if she dare escape, she didn’t have many places to go and he could easily find her in all of them. 

He decided to venture out of the restaurant nevertheless. 

“No! Don’t go!” he heard her voice before he could process anything else. 

He was already outside the restaurant. She stood facing the road with her back to him as she gestured towards a silver Toyota Venza that was nearly out of their line of sight as it sped off into the night. 
She stamped her foot in frustration as she groaned before turning around, she was dressed in a off-shoulder silver floor-lenght gown which did wonders for her figure, her hair was looking a little dishevelled as a lone tear of frustration rolled down her cheek, bringing her mascara along with it in a colour black down her face. She promptly froze when she saw him.


Vwaire stepped out of the restroom and began looking for her friend. Where was Tinuade for goodness sake? It was high time they went home and her aunt was very strict and hated her coming home late. She walked about the restaurant looking for her friend

“Have you seen Tinuade?” she asked the first familiar face she saw. 

“Yes, see her there at the entrance” the person replied and pointed.

“Thank you” she quickly replied and started going after the lady in the green gown who was currently holding someone by the arm and they were going to be out of her line of sight in a matter of seconds. 

By the time she made it outside, Tinuade and whoever was with her had made off in her car, she was too late to stop them and could only watch in frustration as the taillights blazed into the night. 

“No! Don’t go!” she cried out with her hands outstretched. She was tired and frustrated and Tinuade had gotten into her car with only God knows who and had left her stranded. She stamped her foot against the ground as violently as she could in those accursed heels as she tried to let go of her emotions, she had to get inside and think of another way to get home she turned back to the restaurant and froze on the spot. Damiloju Rotimi-Savage was standing right before her; talk about blast from the past.  

“What are you doing here? I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again in my life?” she questioned.

“Vwaire, it’s been 6 years now” he began. 

“Shut up!” she screamed “I can’t handle this right now” she said to herself “I need to get home”


An hour later, Vwaire was seated at the back of a taxi cab, as it navigated it’s way around Yaba to where her house was located. 

“Number 19 abi?” the taxi driver said breaking her out of her thoughts, she looked around they were already on her street. 

“Yes” she answered the driver. They were at her house in a matter of seconds, Vwaire paid the cabbie, stepped out and began pounding the gate. 

Gbam. Gbam. Gbam. 

“Who dey for there?” the gateman called out from within

“Come on, open this gate before I change my mind” Vwaire yelled. 

“Madam Vwaire, na you be that?” the  gateman inquired. 

“Who else will it be. Open the gate jo!” 

The gate was opened just then and Vwaire stormed into the compound.

“Tinuade what the hell?” Vwaire said as she threw the door open, Tinuade had apparently stepped into the house a few moments ago as she was still dressed in her party clothes and was being grilled by Aunty Juliana. 

“Vwaire?” Tinuade beheld her eyes wide with shock.

“Who else would it be? Why did you leave me stranded at the party?”

“I swear, I didn’t know it wasn’t you and she has been saying it since, I didn’t understand”

“What rubbish are you saying?”

“Vwaire calm down” Aunty Juliana said causing Vwaire to take her eyes off Tinuade

“Mama, how do you expect me to calm down? Tinuade took my car away and left me stranded at a party, at night. How am I supposed to be calm?”

Aunty Juliana stepped up to where her niece stood and put her hands on her shoulder.

“Sweetheart calm down, Tinuade did not know that she left you stranded”

“Mama, what are you saying? Stop justifying her wrongdoings” Vwaire began. 

“Vwaire!” Aunty Juliana said shaking her. 

“Mama what?”

“Look” Aunty Juliana said and spun her niece around to see the third person in the room. 

Vwaire’s mouth hung open in shock. 


Phew, this is the longest post I’ve ever had to type. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, I’ve been working on this post all day!

So I decided to change the Point Of View (POV) just this once and make you guys see how the evening went for some other key characters. If you’re confused wait till the next post. So sorry for leaving you guys hanging. 

EXP #1 will be posted next Thursday.

My next post will be tomorrow. 


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